Thursday, March 7, 2013

August 2012

8/3 Now this is twin loving! This has to be my favorite picture.
Notice the big boy undies!!
8/6 The kids have been sick since mid July. Ugh! They get the white t-shirt treatment when they are sick. Neither one can handle their secretions so they vomit all the time. Double UGH!! 
Tyler is a good big brother and helps Bailey watch the iPad while she takes her breathing treatment.
8/15 They really enjoyed drawing on this little castle. It is good therapy for Bailey's hands and great entertainment. It was not so entertaining to put it together and then getting the marker off of them. If I ever get another one it will be the simple house.

Not only did Bailey get it on her hands but she also got in on her face and glasses.
8/17 Tyler wanted to go see Troy Landry and his sons at the deer expo in Montgomery so he and Lee went this time by themselves. Applause from mom!! I couldn't think of any reason we needed to go.

8/19 Where did the summer go? It goes by so quickly. I was super ready for them to go to school. They were fighting all day and driving me insane.
First day of school
8/22 We went to orientation for the little kid's school. Grandaddy came up and went with me because Lee had to work. We sent them to a school that is super small and only has 4 in their class. While I know that the therapist thinks they need it for their speech, they don't have to worry about their lungs and health. Their school is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesdays Wyatt will get speech from the public school system and Bailey will get speech, vision, OT and special ed. On Thursdays they continue to get OT for feeding with Rusty.

Poor Mac Mac! No wonder he tried to die by starving himself. He is always having someone bother him X4. Wyatt likes to share his soccer ball with him.
8/26 First day of school

Poor Wyatt had a rough hair day for his first day of school.
I left them with Wy man flying his plane. They were both happy and didn't even notice I was gone.

8/28 The second day of school
Bailey says "Yay" for school

June 2012 Part #2

I knew I had more pictures of our vacation. More boring pictures for everyone to see. LOL I forgot that the first part of the vacation was on another card.

June 2
Our first day in Gatlinburg
We tried a new cabin this time, and we were very disappointed. It said it sleeps 6-8 but that is a big fat story. The bed that the kids would have used was a pull out couch. It is hard to pull it out when a pool table is in the way. There was a sign not to move the pool table (not that we could have) so how can you count that as a bed?
Can you say busted? He is always doing something he isn't suppose to do. He is just like his big sister. Unfortunately, he models a lot of the things she says and the noises she makes. 
 6/3 We made good use of those season ticket to Dollywood.
All 4 kids loved the driving the old cars. We had to ride them several times. I can't wait to see if Wy and Bay are excited about them this year. 
Wyatt's first time driving the car. Don't you just love that hair? Poor fellow!
This is the only picture I have of Bailey driving her car. Lee rode with her every time. I just don't feel comfortable trying to get her out when the ride is over. She has no depth perception which I am sure is caused from the lack of peripheral vision. This means she doesn't help you get her out at all. She loved riding and was so very upset when she had to get out of the car. I really wish she could ride Dollywood's train, but it is an open, coal train. That is a definite no no due their lung issues. There are reminders of their lasting effects of prematurity everywhere. 
Now that is a good brother! Lee said he would probably be too big to ride with them this year and I reminded him that he would have to ride with them then. He hasn't said that again.

6/6 You know they didn't get to leave Gatlinburg without me getting a sign picture. I even tried to get them to go more than once. No one listened to me. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

July 2012

 7/1 Bailey continues to enjoy the iPad, and goodness she has really learned a lot from it. The therapist (occupational therapist) even commented that she thought it had helped improve her attention span. She can work that iPad better than her dad can. LOL
 7/2 Brianne and I went to see Tangled at the movie theater. We made it very special by letting her dress up and painting her nails. I don't usually paint her nails because in a couple of hours she has peeled all of it off!

7/3 The one thing Wyatt will eat like a champ is cookies! I have caught him in the pantry more than one time taking cookies. We were in trouble the day he figured out how to open closed doors. We were in even more trouble when he figured out there were cookies in the pantry. This month we have put away the baby food for Wyatt. He is still working on having strength in his mouth, but he is able to eat enough to do without baby food. He is still getting the majority of his calories and vitamins from Boost.

Nothing sweeter than a baby's hand filled with a cookie (Bailey's hand). She loves to lick food. She prefers chips though.

7/6 For Brianne's birthday we drove down to Maw's house. Can she really already be 6!! She is one sassy little girl, and I love seeing her grow. She is my payback for being sassy when I was growing up. I am sure that my mother thinks this is very amusing.

 My cute little babies in their cute little clothes do not equal cute with all that dirt they have there. Wyatt and Brianne both looked like raccoons.

Maw and Grandaddy made the sail boat into a pool this trip. Thank goodness because they were some nasty little kids.

She loves her Grandaddy. He didn't even mind that she was getting him wet.

7/7 It is harder and harder these days to find reasons to get Tyler to take a picture. He is growing up too fast!

Brianne showing them how to play on her new LeapPad that she got for her birthday. She better hide it well because Wyatt can now open her bedroom door. It is then all open game for the two little shorties.

She modeled the costumes she got for her birthday.

7/9 What major thing are we working on this month? Potty training!! I like potty training about as much as I like getting up with a newborn baby every 2 hours at night.

7/9 The same day we started potty training we also started sleeping without the nap nanny. We had tried taking it away before but he cried. This time I bought him a new pillow case and that did the trick. It is made out of minky dot fabric which is almost exactly the same as the outer cover of the nap nanny.

7/10 Oh yeah! What is potty training without a box on your head? Wyatt had going to the potty without accidents down in less than 3 days. Of course I am not talking about night time. I am not worried about nighttime. He was the easiest of all 4 kids. We started potty training Bailey the same day as Wyatt. I was worried about how that would go since she is cognitively delayed. She has surprised me. I have had (or tried to) her sit on Wyatt's potty off and on for the last few months and every time she would scream bloody murder. I was really just testing the waters. This time we bought her a pink Minnie Mouse potty and luckily she didn't cry. She did on the other hand think she was suppose to poop on the potty every time I sat her on it. It took a couple of days for her to understand. We still have lots of accidents and if you put her in her car seat without a pull up you will be washing it for sure.  

7/13 This summer Tyler and Brianne each participated in one of the week long (8A-12) camps at the YMCA. Tyler participated in wrestling and Brianne soccer. Tyler went to his first overnight camp with Church. It was for 2 nights. He also did a week long camp at the Nature Center here in Millbrook. He loved this camp. He came home smiling every day and hopes to go back next summer. It is from 8AM to 4PM each day. Some of the things they did were swimming, canoeing, archery, fishing, and mud wars.

7/20 Wyatt has finally gotten his own costume. Maybe his sister will stop trying to dress him up as a princess. He loves being a superhero.

7/20 Tyler wanted to meet Glenn from the swamp people show. I guess I am stating that correctly. I don't watch tv, and if I did hunting and fishing shows aren't my cup of tea. He was in Birmingham so we made it an overnight trip so the kids could all swim.

7/28 Please no one worry about Lee's lack of exercise. The babies are making him follow a new regimen. I have no idea why Bailey seems to have lost her clothes. We have been keeping them naked from the waist down due to potty training, but I don't know why her shirt seems to have fallen off.